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JosephArthur, is a global provider of e-business solutions for the enterprise backend & frontend development. The portfolio consists of e-business developments & vertical industry solutions, combined with integration/development consulting services, which are utilized by Fortune 500 organizations & internet startups. This includes industries such as: venture capital, banking, financial services, telecommunications, goverment, retail, & utilities.

Mr. Arthur also serves on the Board of Advisors of different internet and telecommunication based technology companies. He directs strategic execution & deploys resources in the technology sectors of the companies he guides. He and his technical team have brought forth technical innovations in the fields of Internet Web development & design, VOIP [Voice Over Internet Protocol], call center management, customer relation management, interactive marketing projects, networking, and PDA [personal digital assistant] developments.

His background ranges from information architecture to fine arts. He often speaks at various think tanks and universities on Human Factors [cognitive, heuristics, esthetics] and Interactive Technologies (Palm, Kiosks, & IVR [interactive voice response]).