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Reno Tahoe Tech Center

Engineered Environments

SNS has experience in the design, implementation, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of networks at Executive Estates.

These networks typically consist of the following components:

Switches - mid to high-end switches supporting >100 active nodes. These nodes are defined as live Cat6 Jacks that can have computers, printers or Voice over IP telephones plugged into them whenever required with no user intervention to activate the jacks, or reconfigure the end devices.

Firewalls - These switches would then be connected to a firewall that protects the internal network from access by the Internet. This firewall normally has VPN access setup so that the owner can access his home network.

Routers - The external (untrusted side) of the firewall is then connected to the Internet to provide access to all the resources available there.

Remote Access/VPN - Access to the Owners Corporate resources is normally controlled via the firewall as well, to prevent unauthorized employees from gaining access to the owners estate and information.

Security/Environment - The internal network can also be designed to carry voice traffic as well as video (video conferencing/video streaming), security and environmental information. This information can be encrypted and sent to remote locations when needed.

Internet Access - The minimum bandwidth used for these estates is a Full T1 (1.5Mb/sec) connection. Where more demand is expected, either ATM/IMA or fractional T3 is utilized. Multiple buildings on the same site (Campus type Estate) - In these situations, multi strand Single Mode fiber is utilized between buildings. This fiber is terminated into Gigabit connections on the switches.

Multiple Estates - Where the owner has multiple Estates, the systems can be cloned, so that there is a standardized infrastructure, with a commonality of spares, and redundancy by multiple backups from site to site. This also enables the owner to have the option of remotely managing their other estates, when they are not present. The minimum recommended bandwidth is again a full T1 for this application.

Servers - A variety of servers are installed, depending on the client’s requirements. The minimum is normally a mid to high end NT server, providing, DHCP, DNS, Web Services, Email Services and NT Domain (for user authentication and file shares) and a Web/ftp caching server to provide faster Internet browsing, and faster downloads. Additional servers may be provided for backup and other tasks.

Un-interruptable Power Supply - Even though most of these estates have their own power generation units, an UPS is very strongly recommended that will support the network/telco infrastructure. In the event of an intentional power outage, the Generation unit is normally compromised as well. This would leave the network/telco and any security systems that are tied in, unable to notify the appropriate parties. The Telco connections should be buried as they exit the Estate, and encased in steel conduit until they reach the Local Telco access point (Telco Junction Box). Since the UPS is normally interior to the estate, it provides additional time for notification to authorities.

Equipment Racks - These normally will carry all the network, server, UPS and Cat6 Interconnect cables, panels, and will be organized in a logical manner to present the best possible appearance when viewed by the owner. These racks will be braced for Earthquake safety, and may be ordered with lock assemblies where required.

Network/Telco Room - Normally a separate room is designated for the Network/Telco equipment as this must meet certain environmental criteria. It also helps to control the heat and noise generated by the equipment, as well as protect it from the casual mischief that may occur.

Environmental/Security Concerns - SNS is proud to partner with Engineered Environments who covers both Security and Environmental aspects of Executive Estates.


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