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Design, implementation, installation, maintenance & troubleshooting of network infrastructure for web sites and data facilities located at Co-Location facilities. This includes firewalls, mirroring, routers, switches, load balancing, and VPN connectivity to the corporate site.   Integration, design, installation, maintenance & troubleshooting of networks at Executive Estates that interconnect their multilevel & diverse geographic locations. Connecting them securely to their corporations and the Internet or secure intranets. This network can also be designed to carry voice traffic as well as video, security and environmental information. Design, implementation, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of networks for mid-sized companies (>50 employees or multiple to co-location sites). This is aimed at covering both the LAN and WAN needs of these companies, and designing a scaleable infrastructure that will grow with the company, and not become obsolete in the near term.

Sierra Network Solutions 165 Hansen Drive PO Box 1550 Verdi, NV 89439-1550 Tel: (775) 345-7425 Fax: (775) 345-7425