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Reno Tahoe Tech Center

Engineered Environments

Co-Location Integration

Co-Location Integration is the art and science of combining network services and network applications to achieve the highest possible levels of customer productivity.

The Co-Location network consists of the customer's network space (including web servers, database servers, switches, routers, load balancers, caching servers) within it's cage space, its connectivity to the Internet (whether attached to a single ISP or multiple ISP's via BGP4), backup servers (normally out of band), and potentially out of band connectivity to the corporate site for management of the infrastructure via remote means.

Core services typically reside on mission-critical servers running Windows NT/2000 or UNIX in order to support large numbers of simultaneous users/hits. SNS provides value to the Co-Location customer by furnishing expertly designed solutions for the customer's site, including complete implementation and technical support.

We work with our customers to identify and satisfy their specific needs for highly robust and reliable presence on the Internet. In some cases this extends to multiple sites providing redundancy in the event of major disasters. The result is a quality system that meets or exceeds customer expectations.


SNS is in the business of providing complete network solutions (end to end capabilities) for every step of a Datacenter Migration including Co-location Facilities.

From archival/retreival of server's data migration to project management of moving and installing servers.

Sierra Network Solutions is proud to be a partner in The Reno/Tahoe Technology Center's Colocation facility and advisement team.

Give us a call for your data relocation needs and we will be happy to recommend and supply you with the appropriate assistance.

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