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Renroc Saberhilt

Survival of Hoth
Castaway to the Empire
Meeting the Dark Lord of the Sith
Enroute to Yinchorr
The Ancient One
Exploring the ways of the Jedi
Seeking of the Traitors
Choosing the Sides of the Force

Renroc Saberhilt's history beginning start from his long line of ancestors who have grown up on Hoth. And only the ways of the Force kept them alive during the wretched ice shard storms of the Summer Seasons. Where the temperatures are cold and the solitude of life mirrors their chilling personalities.

The only the kin of Saberhilt's were the only ones in the villages to delve into the arcane and mysterious "force". By building lightsabers and mining for the precious jewels was their kindred trade, as many in the Saberhilt family was versed in the ways of the force. Young Renroc Saberhilt knew of building lightsabers at a very young age, and had helped gather many of the parts for his dear grandfather.

As a line of people on Hoth, they were never very accustomed to off worlders until a number of kin of Saberhilt's family briefly befriended imperial scouts, who were sent to scout the region after a number of imperial drones hit their snowy lands. Soon after the imperial drones came, the Rebel Alliance unknowingly destroyed the entire village of Saberhilt's family, (thinking it was part an Imperial Garrison). Which in fact was only a place of rest and meal for any who requested help from their tundra, now a charred snowless ruin, with pocketed remains from Rebel Ion Cannon blasts.

Renroc sought revenge, adventure, and survival.. Armed with his grandfather's duel sided lightsaber and his own crafted lightsaber, he followed a number of imperial troops as they left the frozen tundra planet of Hoth.

Much of the journey was spent following the tracks of an AT-ST's prints in the snow. Renroc's heart was filled with the heat of revenge, and to best serve that was the stride toward his end means. This was to join the empire, using it as a tool for his own revenge against this unknown rebel alliance who destroyed his family and home. His movements were of his tundra people.. Following the snow drifts, keeping aware of the prints in the ground. Gaining distance on the imperial transports who would soon leave. He had not only time against his side, but the chilling evening ice-striken weather to tend with.

In time he did catch up with a small garrison of troops left behind from the first wave of the imperial invasion force. They too where struck by the rebel alliance's Ion Cannons. With the strength within himself, Renroc kept on his path toward this seemingly marooned garrison. "Halt, stay where you are, identify yourself!" -ordered a near by imperial snowtrooper. Renroc stopped and saw many more snowtroopers head his way. The imperials took the young teenager to a area where the rest of the supplies were kept. Much of it damaged, it seemed that the Ion Cannon hurt the small transport which carried them into the atmosphere of Hoth.. But Hoth is an unforgiving planet.. It destroyed much of the imperial invasion gear and killed off many more of the imperial troops, including officers to lead them to the rest of the invasion force.

Renroc knew his side of the planet, well enough to get this imperial force to the rendezvous point of departure. But it was getting dark and colder. "What is your name boy" -asked a brawny looking imperial officer. He was a tall man, not unlike his own older brother Jared. A man of time worn features, but younger in age than his authority commanded. His troops seemed to respect him in light of his garrison's unfortunate circumstance. Renroc listened to him and said not a word, just kept observing. He was there not out of accident, it was still out of the same path of revenge, the imperials were only a tool for this revenge. Deep within his soul he knew he would have to have to join the imperials, but only as a tool.

"Renroc Saberhilt, who asks?" -said the young teen with a response of strength for such a boy answering to this imperial officer. "Commander Grissim, 3rd fleet, any much more information I would give you young lad and I would think 'I myself' were under interrogation.." Now lets see, you must be a native of this hell winded snowball"- said the tall officer to the smaller fur garment wearing covered youth. "Now lets have a look see at were you are from", - Grissim took out a map. Renroc glanced at the map, and didn't need to see it any longer.. He knew where he was.. And the different points of the map's markings. "You need to get to your departure.. You can't stay here forever.. Not even for the evening with your type of gear"- responded Renroc with a straight icy stone stare. "You need to get with the imperial snowtroopers with your attentiveness" responded Grissim. In a cold and curt voice Renroc looked in to Grissim's eyes and pointed the the map, "I'll get to you to your departure point, you take me with you.. To fight against this Rebel Alliance and their Ion Cannons". "Well Said, you will take us to our departure point, and I will get you to the Imperial Academy of Carida, to begin your training for the Snowtroopers, after that revenge will be up to you against the rebel alliance." -smirked Grissim and called for his sub-commanders to gear up for the invasion departure point.

By the time Renroc (with the teachings of the feelings of the Force) lead the broken garrison troop to the rendezvous point, the battle had ended and the evacuation of the Rebel Alliance had fled there Ice Base Hoth Station. AT-ATs were strewn about hulking over the large base and generator stations.Ion Cannons destroyed and many more killed off, more rebels than snow troopers. In the distance of course were the destruction trails of the invasion force full of the behemoth shaken and crashed AT-ATs, the quick and smaller AT-STs, and many more Snowspeeders and other abandoned rebel alliance ships. The remains of battle had no more revenge nor glory the young boy of Hoth demanded. His next step he knew was to board a starship, and perhaps a Star Destroyer so it would follow this "so called Rebel Scum" and witness the destruction of their fleet. Deep down inside he knew his path.. It was with the Imperial Forces to track his revenge, soothe his hate, and calm his own sense of resolve to channel his anger. -Anger and Hate which can only be replaced with revenge.. And the clutching embrace of killing those who destroyed his life.

Seeing the transports and leaving Hoth were a blessing to the snowtroopers. Renroc got to know a number of them, for not only he had led them to safety but his family and village assisted Grissim's entire unit after their emergency landing on Hoth. With this accommodation, Renroc was allowed passage and accreditation to get to Academy of Carida. "That was quite a snowball" Grissim reminded young Saberhilt. "Quite unlike my own planet, a place where I hope you may never visit.. No snow, not much cold, no ice to freeze your eyes shut.. Just sand and heat. . just Tantooine". With that, Grissim filled out a number of reports and Renroc just sat near his officer's bunk observing the paperwork, seeing the galactic navigation maps, and listening to the common imperial protocol demeanor everyone shown in attention to Grissim. Part of Renroc's Force training was to listen carefully, to hold attention to patience, read officer's lips and gestures, and to do contain all of it in his own type of holographic memory.

Dark Lord of the Sith
hile on on of the Star Destroyer Carriers, he happened to be on the Carrier of the Dark Lord of the Sith's Destroyer - Darth Vader. Renroc could not properly control the ways of the force, nor have enough control to hide his ways in the force. His comradr'e with his fellow crewmates was hard in the beginning. Grissim kept him aware of imperial protocol, and related handbooks, all quickly absorbed by the eager Saberhilt. With a bit of solitude to read and observe was disrupted by other teens of the ship destined for Academy of Carida as well. Gauntly disruptive teens eager to look from trouble on this daunting imperial Star Class Destroyer in space. But he was from the cruel world of Hoth, and he and his lightsaber have been through worse dealings than these manacles men in the mess hall, and for that matter taken on more than his fair share of ice monsters in his day.

He had not had the time to get over the loss of his family and village nor the had not the patience to deal with these misgiving men who taunted him. 5 larger teenagers his age (slightly older) ganged up on him for his food, not to mention icy demeanor. Quickly Renroc pulled out his lightsaber in defense, not igniting it to cast out its long orange blade, but he used it as a batton to incapacitate the first advancing youth.. The next two were coming at once and Renroc, used the force, reached out his hand and with all his might and had two chairs trip the advancing duo. The other two even larger boys took a hand full of kitchen knives and started swiftly throwing them at the younger boy from Hoth. Renroc ducked and dove, then he stood his ground. Rage had encompassed the boy, Anger had taken him over, and a time for action was at hand.. a time for not only defense for his own life, but out of seemingly instinct he slowly ignited his orange blade, sheathing out of the hilt of his handmade weapon. Everyone stopped and noticed the youth using not only the force, but also saw what seemed to be a Jedi Light Saber! Soon five others were awestruck. They have never seen a lightsaber. Let alone what they thought to be the end of their lives.

Quickly guns were drawn through out the room. Men were called from central security as an alert "Jedi in Darth Vader's Star Destroyer".. the five teenagers quickly fled the mess hall. A number of people were alerted, startled and a number of the older crew scared, for they knew the sign of what a light saber meant. A number of beings of the Ship knew there could be trouble. But one.. Vader knew.

The Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader advanced to the section and grid of the the mess hall. The long foreboding strides of this Sith Lord is known all to well. Striding to a destination knowing it was the sense of a trail. A sense of the Force. Before any heavy stormtroopers arrived or before the quadrant was alerted to be sealed off, Vader arrived on the scene of what was once a trifle skirmish , was now a ship-wide alert.

Renroc stood his ground. He had only heard of the tales of a Dark Force User in the Imperial Guard. The stance of the young Hoth force user stood his ground. His orange lightsaber glistened in a light hum of the silent room where a dozen guards and crew had their blasters pointed at him, and three dozen more stormtroopers where behind the sealed bulk head doors of the mess hall. In the mess hall were Renroc, the crew, and Vader.

Vader looked, stared at the small figure, the Jedi weapon, and around the room. He glanced again at the boy, drew out his weapon, opened his arm, and blasted twelve shots in different parts of the room, killing all crew members. "Witnesses", Vader said as he slowly strode to the boy from across the room.

"I had sensed something in the Force but could not pinpoint it" said Vader in his chambering voice through his dark mask. Renroc kept his ground, not drawing back his light saber."Now I know the force is within you.. Hate, Revenge, Anger is within you. Young one you channeled it well. Enough to hide it from me, for a moment, enough to build the lightsaber of your own, enough to contain yourself to not kill everyone in this room, its enough for you to seek out the darkside.

"What are you doing on my ship?" asked Vader.
"My lord, to go to the academy of Carida, to serve the Empire, to be a stormtrooper, Carida is where I am heading from your ship sire"
"Not anymore, I know the force is in you, and enough to channel it to serve the Emperor. - to Yinchorr" Vader's shadowing voice told the still Renroc.

Vader drew back his hand slowly, and the mess hall doors opened and two large Dark Stormtroopers came to the Sith Lord's sides.. Darth Vader had made his impression on this young teen from Hoth. For the Dark Lord Vader knew of his intentions, and no more questions were asked. The two large Dark Stormtroopers now took Renroc Saberhilt into custody, to escort him to the Yinchorr chambers for chosen candidates of the Elite Imperial Royal Guardsmen.

Enroute to Yinchorr

Renroc Saberhilt looked around the posh setting of this waiting chamber. Small but all the more intriguing was the amount of security details that he noticed. Renroc did not have too much with him to need the amount of compartment space that was provided for him. Yet he organized his gear into the compartments he saw. His grandfather's dual lightsaber, the extra gems he brought with him from the Hoth mines, the tundra coat his mother sewn for him, the light tauntaun rations, family holograms of the ice crests, his grandfathers lightsaber manual, and his own handmade lightsaber Much of the things he had he knew would be confiscated, so he dismantled the two edged lightsabers and started memorizing the lightsaber manual as he knew that it too would be taken and destroyed.

He met other candidates of the Elite Imperial Guardians. All tall, and timeworn for their young age. Which was not much older than he was. For they too were recruited at such young ages. Most were solemn in the thought of what training ahead of them. It was said that only 12 go in at a time and the success rate was one. But that was only a rumor, in actuality the survival rate was only one. The trials of testing where only of legends and fear factors driven by imperial guards and officers daring not to risk their cushy jobs within the Empire. But all of these young men seemed to be rewarding of such trials. For they expected it and I believe they did deserve the chance to serve the Empire. Here in the chamber there where only 4 others. It seems they had some field combat down on Hoth, perhaps this was a training mission for them. 2 were larger than Renroc, 2 were about the same size, all the same age and all human. The empire was biased against non-humans and tolerate of humanoid species, but only humans typically served in the Empire. The two larger candidates were Newvian and Savish, the two smaller were Praxus and Zelic. Seems that training did begin at a young age because of how impressionable younger men are.

"What is your homeward?" Savish grunted in a large stature as he was seemingly intimidating the icy personae of Renroc. "Hoth, I am sure you don't know the area so I shall not bore you with the details".. "I am Savish, from the Corrilian Cluster, best gun on the arm of the empire", "And full of yourself too"- replied Praxus, the other towering teen.

Things were getting friendly, even warmer in company, but too warm for Renroc, because he valued his solitude and kept his trained senses to observe. "Well Newvian and I knew this place would get more cozy as time went on, this is going to be quite a trip till we get to an Imperial Class shuttle till be get to Yincorr" - said the seemingly shadowy voice of Zelic. Renroc could almost feel that he could get accustomed to Zelic, he has not said anything so far and he felt accustomed to his solemn nature just as his own sense of self. For quite sometime they spoke amongst themselves, all but Renroc and Zelic. For some time the 5 got to know one another, and uncomfortable as Renroc seemed to share, he was gathering information about character and talented attributes each carried.

Savish was a marksmen, or to be precise an imperial assassin. Tall and lean, with thinking dark hair that showed his tan lines of wearing scope visors for his line of work..

Newvian was the red haired jokester it seemed, kept the spirits up for everyone. But Renroc knew he was fishing for information, an intelligence designated person, a smart brainboy with wit.

Praxus was a towering behemoth, definitely Dark Stormtrooper grunt material it seemed there had to be something different (not just muscle) about him to be chosen in this motely crew.

And Zelic, for he was hard to read. Perhaps he could have been Imperial Intelligence as well, but he looked to fit and exercised for that. To clean cut, polished and groomed.

Perhaps in his own right he knew the right people to get here. Most likely that is how all were chosen. Just as he was with accommodations and accolades to get to this point. There were more to be met and this was only the beginning of sorting out his competition, and for that matter his chance at seeking revenge upon the Rebel Alliance.

Yithicor's Imperial Shuttle was announced to the chamber through a speaker. The five young men gathered their belongings and prepared to leave their comfortable chambers aboard the Super Star Destroyer and leave for the Emissary Imperial Shuttle.

Yithicor, a desolate place, a place of almost unbearable heat. Even more intolerable for Renroc. This was not the Icy surroundings of Hoth nor the area of solace that his own village provided. As the Shuttle showy descended from the orbiting atmosphere a 3 clustered escort of Tie Fighters paralleled their approach. Above he could see other ships leaving and other arriving ships being escorted from different parts of the planet. The touchdown of the Imperial Class Shuttle had been perfect, with all the perfection you would expect from the Imperial forces. The Elite Crimson Imperial Guard expected nothing less. There was something strange Renroc noticed. Something familiar he noticed from his homeworld and closer to the point, his kin.. no it was something closer.. Someone was using the force. Probing an area.. But not specifically him. Not yet. Below he noticed the landing tarmac contained many dark stormtroopers, all of the elite forces. The shuttle bay door slowly opened concealing its cargo. The five candidates of 12 for the year. A figure quickly came up the shuttles ramp. "Attention - grab your gear, down the ramp, follow the red double line"- he yelled to attention, and swiftly descended the ramp. All suddenly with out hesitation they followed the commander's orders and ran down the double red line. The line was a long strip.. Long enough to go till you did not see the line anylonger.. a sprint from the landing point to the facility beyond. Much beyond. In the distance, among the running of the young men there was another group. They were standing at attention.. It seemed that it was not only a group but a blockade of bodies in jump suits.. Renroc could see the silhouette of many men, it was getting dark and the sun was going down to cast shadows to the point of the red line. Savige was the first to get there to the end.. the fastest of the five.. Then he was enveloped in the men. In that distance he seemed part of the group.. But the group was among the Tall Behemoth. Among and beating him not a trap but a test.

The four sprinters kept going to the end. Toward the impending beating they to would get. Newvian and Praxus kept up the pace, Renroc was the next to approach the brutish onslaught. Renroc pushed through taking hits as he ran, they did not seem to stop the candidates but Renroc was smaller than the rest and used his gear as flailing weapons and his sense of agility to dodge his attackers. Both Savige and Renroc punched through, the others were not that lucky Savige was the first to reach the end, with Renroc catching up. In time it was dark, getting darker by the second. So dark that the atmosphere did not give hope to any light to come, save for the Landing shuttles and their tie-fighter escorts. The building they stood at was a large cube with an Imperial's Insignia on the tall heavy door. In time the others had dragged each other to the endpoint. It was pitch-black and getting colder. When the Newvian, Praxus, and Zelic arrived the doors opened. And the Commander strode out.

"I am commander Quintus" he briskly and in a commanding voice he announced, "you will join the others after your orientation to the facility and to what is expected of you"!" They quickly fell into line. And attended their orientation to the academy. Renroc memorized quite a bit about Imperial Stormtrooper protocol, as he did from Grissim's manuals he memorized from the Officer's Protocol Manual 1.024.2. Version 5 as well as many of the weapon manuals he absorbed during his stay on the Hoth departure garrison. The rest of his crew intensely read what they could without fallings asleep. Renroc had no where else to go and no family turn to, he only had his anger and his sense of revenge. But this he had to bide his time and channel his intensity on completing his time at Yinchorr

After the brief classes, the four were taken to their quarters.. The barracks were a bit more comfortable than he first thought they would be. But this is his first professional military experience. He had Commander Grissim and the other snowtroopers to thank to prepare him. In their individual rooms, 12 of them in all, each with a Red Light in the sign of the empire above the lintels. They stared putting their gear away. They knew they would be there till they reached adulthood. It seems that they had been the last to arrive. And for the beginning of their own survival.

Renroc started putting his gear away. Carefully not to let those who pass by not to see his belongings, especially his grandfather's lightsaber and the one he had helped build with his father. He put his clothes away and put on the uniform he was told about in his orientation. His was an orange uniform with an off-orange color. It seemed to change color in the dark, it seemed to change almost black in the darker shadows of his room. As did the helmet as he probed it and reached his helmet into the closet.

Renroc observed that he was being watched through the night, it was not the force telling him this, but the constant sense of quiet and uncomfortable silence. All in all not bad for a first night in an elite school of the empire. Bells Rang, It was the morning, By all accounts the people were woken by the ringing and marching of the early patrols of Dark Stormtroopers. The foreboding commander yelled to the cadets to attend to their cleaning and grooming and fall into detail to the mess hall. From orientation everyone knew what this meant. The beginning of reality, introduction to hell. There were twelve in all. The others arrived just hours before Renroc's group. Quintus seemed to know all their names and from the perception, all their weaknesses. The rest of the group didn't seem to have the same "warmth" as Renroc's group, but over a period of days each person got to know each other. Classes consisted of Imperial Protocol, Sidearm, Imperial Naval Strategy, a number of academics, but one of all was Force Awareness.. Formal classes would not begin till one more month but in that time Quintus had many arduous plans for them all. Daily exercises routine, training with hand to hand combat, vibro-knife techniques, vibro-staff training, and many redundant obstacle courses both in the grueling searing heat of the sun, to the starless cold windwhipping chills into the night.

All went threw the training without hesitation and all without failure. Savige achieved many of the outstanding scores. with Newvian placing second many times. Renroc knew this was challenging, none excelled more at night than Renroc. He did seem to have one advantage over the rest. Though he was physically the smallest, he was the only one using the force to help him out channel his aggression and his own sense of survival.


"Get in the pit" yelled Quintus "the last one there gets deserved to suffer. Getting to the pit required more than just to get your gear and the handling of a vibro-staff, it required patience for what ever may becoming from the pit. It was a test of readiness and team survival. As always Savige arrived first, and one of the others arrived last. It was always Renroc who had the upperhand with the Vibro-Staves because of his use with a dual-bladed lightsaber his grandfather taught him, and the occasional hunt for Wampa Beasts. The eleven waited for the last one of the dozen. His name was Tokamac.. .He finally sprinted to the ring of the pit with the rest. He was a good fighter and almost as good marksman as Newvian in the Blaster Rifle category.. But to see if he could measure up to what Quintus and the Academy had prepared was a different story.

Hailing screams were heard from the pitch-black night. Screams of wanting attacks held by the rattling chains holding the beast back. Screams and Roaring only a beast that Renroc only knew, not out force perception but out of the sound.. And more identifiable was it's repugnant smell of trailing blood it seemed to gorge upon. It was a tauntaun being put to example of how horrifying this Wampa beast could be. Tokamac's senses where rattling.. But brave as he was, Tokamac hopelessly lunged and spun around to follow his swing with a wide slice to the Wampa.

Careless move thought Renroc, he has been along hunts for Wampa since a childling and the teen from Hoth knew better than to lunge or stab at a Wampa. It can be done but the Wampa loves to grab things,even if wounded.

"Its a smelly tactile creatures. Cute as pets when younger but better to eat in its native tundra"

- Renroc said smugly and his constant solace was beginning to show some light , in the face of death the Eleven bonded and encircled the fighting Wampa and Tokamak. Renroc gave orders to take out its arms from the rear.. Swiftly without flinching from the spray of blood Savige and Zerik had cleanly cut the Wampa at the shoulders and Newvian and Praxus hindered the rest of the body to the ground from the slice of its wretched smelling open spine.. Tokamak was saved for a moment until two more Wampas were released from their screeching roars, let loose by their chains Renroc knew there were two more coming from the near darkness of the caves from the pit. "Stand your ground, force-staves to the ground and ready to extend on my mark!" yelled Renroc.. a sense of unity was sensed by all.. They didn't know what was coming from the released heavy chains.. The beasts were taller, more gaunt than the last.. Tokamac finally regained his senses and gathered with the rest of the crew .

The two behemoth wampas charged the group from a distance.. Half the cadets poised with their force staffs housed into in the ground ready for the onslaught, the other half ready to thrust a quick and precise death to the oncoming creatures they trusted Renroc perceived. With agonizing screams the first Wampa ran into the extending force staffs prepared for them.. And its screaming stopped by the direct blades of the force staff into its jugular and swiftly shattered and decapitated by Praxus and Renroc. The other Wampa did not receive such a swift death, the direct stabs it received from the pikes lodged into its belly only aggravated the beast, and four of the dozen lost their pikes by the Wampa.. it may be over in a matter of seconds..

In the near darkness, bodies can be seen thrown against the silhouette of the darkness and Renroc knew he was the last standing.. But also knew everyone seemed still alive. Renroc used his senses to "see" the beast and taking on such a beast was indeed a difficult one. Opening the existing wounded cavities was a good start. Renroc wanted to finish it.. With a demanding slice His dual bladed Force pike landed its first slice across the wampa's Heal up to the existing wounds.. While the Wampa glanced down to see what had happened.. Instinctually Renroc brought the other side of his bladed staff down up one side of the high spine of the lumbering beast into it's spine and lobbing its glancing head down, rolling away from the rest of its timbering hulking body to the ground. With only silence against the cadets and the accompaniment of moans mortal wounds caused by the claws of the fallen beasts, Renroc helped his comrade's - in - arms up from another bloody test of teamwork. When they were done, flushes of water and bactaspray cleared the bloody pit for their next test, just as difficult, to come again tomorrow.

Months have past away and everyone felt as a team when it came time to be as one.. And as an individual the academic and discipline studies were just as arduous. Renroc excelled at the tracking and sensing, Praxus excelled at the Vibro knives, Newvian always scored highest in academics, everyone had their specialty.. All but Tokamac who could not catch up to the rest to excel, but he always trailed behind. Commander Quintus had drilled them in the discipline of the academy, but it was each other who tested there own extremes in the rounds of their vibrostaff sparing.

After months had past from their original arrival, Renroc has not felt the presence of the force for some time. Perhaps the scanning or probing was over. And perhaps Renroc could not sense others with the force as others can do for him. He had to continue his own training and use of the force. It was his only way to stay ahead of the more educated and physically larger cadets. The teaching of the Imperial fighting forces intrigued Renroc, the Rebel Alliance the Imperial Navy, the trade routes all were met with the same curiosity Renroc held of the Empire since he first met Commander Grissim and his squadron of snowtroopers. But nothing intrigued This young teen from Hoth as much as the ways of the Force. Young Saberhilt went to the library all he could during his study time. He found out about the clone wars, the fabled holocron, and the Jedi knights. He grew more curious of both the light and dark sides of the force. All of this came to the point of tertiary information. Not much was said about how or what powers these Dark Jedi Knights had or how to attain them.

Years upon Years past. Tokamok became even with Savige in the sharpshooting category, Newvian became an excellent intelligence operative, Praxus was always the strongest with brute strength but possessed the greatest skills as a explosives and bombsquad commander. Everyone grew to be young adults primed either to continue in the training to serve the emperor's elite imperial guard or as Officer's in the Imperial Fleet. Everyone had it ingrained in their training to serve the Empire and protect the Emperor. It was said that Darth Vader has on occasion visited the training center. And has once challenged even one of the cadets himself. Challenged and killed. The Empire has trained many over a period of time. Trained and killed.. But always Turning out a select few from time to time. But turning out only a few of the twelve. After studies many of the cadets, now men, rested from their wounds or continued their combat academics in freetime when it was allowed. Renroc continued to study in the Library. Commander Quintus noticed this and saw his discipline. Quintus was the only being near a friend to the men other than the Imperial Officers who provided them ammunition for training. Soon Renroc was called in for debriefing after one of the "training sessions".


The Ancient One

"Sir, Lt Saberhilt reporting for duty sir", "At Ease Saberhilt, and look at this hologram request manifest". -replied Commander Quintus, in a curious but grim tone. "In it states over 2500 hologram and ancient reading requests over a five year period". Renroc Saberhilt stood still in his attention, glanced at the manifest and retorted.." The requests were to complement my knowledge of the Jedi Forces we may face when protecting the Emperor, sir". Quintus shrugged, and stared out to the window, "old-time magic, from an old time age" - I know nothing about this "Force" Saberhilt.." He glanced at Renroc with a feeling of almost sorrow.. Renroc knew he was hiding something.. The Force was buzzing in him.. Someone was probing him once more. .With the same sense as he felt when he first arrived. "I know nothing of this force as I told you.. But someone does, who brought these library manifests to my attention, bringing you to this meeting". -said Quintus. The force sense seemed stronger, and closer. From outside Quintus's office and down the hall, footsteps were slowly coming. Light footsteps and muffled coughing.. Closer and closer. Renroc could now somewhat hear the tap of shaking, but not nervous hands on the doorknob from the other side, slowly turning the knob and door open. He was old, no ancient.. With a smell on him with the scents of fiber, of parchment. It must have been a writer of ancient languages.. From the trembling carpal tunnel of his keyboard driven fingers, to the tatoo like stains of his palms.. he extended his arms and ink-tatoo like stains from his fore arms were unconcealed as a chair drew from across the room to fit under his fat body snugly. He sat.. And in a dark, almost sorrow and helpless voice he asked Quintus to leave. Quintus had left, but with the sense of something troubling. Perhaps it was what he did not understand that was so troubling to this commander. He was not used to the force, let alone see it for his own eyes. Renroc stood at the same attention as when he first arrived in the room. The potbellied ancient man spoke "I have seen this.. Request manifest" he had his fingers glance to the Library sheet..and it levitated to this inquirer. "My source, your commander Quintus states some very peculiar things you have accomplished. Academics at this facility are for combat and what they call protection strategies.. I see that when you were younger you were the smallest of your class, yet always seemed to place second in your grades.. No matter the intelligence or physical imbalances against you.. " -said the ancient one "It is not the things you have done, nor the questions you ask.. It is How you ask them.." -the ancient one was trying to peek more curiosity out of Renroc. This was the beginning of his own secret and now knew someone understood his secret of survival. ...

Soon the ancient one and Renroc started walking together.. Along the dark starless cold balconies. Soon Renroc was told about the library, and the empire, and the ancient one even confirmed the existence of Jedi Holocrons, and Dark Jedi Artifacts.. They walked deep into the cold dessert with the facility and landing shuttle lights far behind them. The ancient one kept going on about the old ways, about the Dark Side and the Light Side of the Force and the powers and limitations each provided the user. Renroc did not know there was a difference of the Light Side and Dark till he came to the Library. His family always have used the force. "My Kin, my grandfather, my fathers always have used the force in our homeland" - calmly Renroc told the buoyant old man. "Yes I see it in you, what you do, and the -- tools you use" -said the ancient one.

Slowly the ancient one stopped, stared at the young man and cautiously pulled out a two lightsabers . These are yours.. Renroc was surprised to see them.. But even more wary that someone knew of these Jedi weapons. " Don't worry young one. Your secret is safe with me, actually all weapons and tools are checked at the shuttle landing. I knew you had these when I had sensed you. Your the strongest force using student in your class. "There are others?"- curiously asked young Saberhilt? "yes, in a sense, but none with abilities even near your potential, let alone none of those juveniles have used a lightsaber or seriously think the force as an adversary. You brought me here young Saberhilt.. It was the type of questions you asked the Library. But you must not ask much of the Facility Library any longer.. I too am a.. Librarian of sorts.. Take your lightsabers back in this pouch, within the pouch is a scrambler that can not Identify energy readings, they will seem as a couple of Nerf Muffins.. also you may Borrow what is inside while you are here I believe for the next five years you will be here.. it will be enough to learn what you need to know. 4 Carefully Renroc reached in.. and felt something a cube of a warm heat.. and a glow even while in the pouch. Taking it out it was a small glowing cube. With Renroc's ghastly astonishment and the ancient ones glance, almost as an evil smile... "A Jedi Holocron.. By the gods!!" No young Saberhilt, not a true Jedi Holocron, a reference guide created by my staff.. True it does have limited holographic imagery for a referenced number of faces, and certain Dark Jedi Artifacts .. it is more updated with Imperial weapons, rebel weapons and related weaknesses to their armament. One thing it does have in your analogy of the true Jedi Holocrons is the access to the information at deeper levels comes from wanting it.. Comes from your force training.. Deep inside.. Reach for its darkness.. You have to want to have it.. And keep its knowledge selfish in your heart.. And deplete your sense of sharing with others.. Seek the darkness of knowledge, Fill your need to destroy your enemies and fill your goals,your desires of knowledge to grow from its depths.

"But what of the force? Is it going to train me in the ways of the force?" -questioned Renroc. "My young naive Saberhilt, it has already began". crackled the rounded old man.."What do I call you? my thanks to you I owe you so much" thanked Renroc "You must want to know my name.. Search the darkness for its power, seek to conquest your thirst for knowledge, even use your ulterior motives of revenge as kindling to your thirst in the darkness" = said the old man as he walked.. "So follow the path of darkness?"- what riddles are these said Renroc. "You learn fast Young Saberhilt, are you sure you are in the right place? No matter.. You my young one shall know what you need to seek at this time. Tonight has been good to see your thoughts.. Now my young Saberhilt, I am an old man weary of age and tiresome in thought for now.. Let us go. With the lift of his fingers he took a glance back from where they came from and slightly raised his fingers, and the two levitated a few inches off the ground.. At that moment an imperial Lamda Class shuttle screamed across the desert with 4 tie fighters in escort .. the Imperial Emissary Lamda Class shuttle picked the two up and whisked Renroc back to his barracks.. and the shuttle flew away. That evening turned to the morning.. and from little sleep, Renroc and the other men began their day of training once again. This time Renroc was different. Different in fighting, different in awareness. His force secret was only known at this point to Commander Quintus and the Ancient one. Renroc's thoughts were of this Imperial Guard Training and that of his newly received force training. Portions of his thoughts drifted of the Jedi Knights and Masters.. It was said the Jedi's dreams rarely disturb one's sleep. but it was the Jedi itself that disturbed him. Jedi of the Light Force or Dark Jedi.. he didn't think about light and dark, just the knowledge to reach his goals against the Rebel Alliance. Numbers of questions he was determined to seek that evening with his new found holocube.


The chilling evening came to the desert. And far off from the training facility's lights could be seen was a deep crevasse where over the period of months the newly tuned Saberhilt trained in his quest for knowledge, not knowing the depth that the Dark Side would take him deeper into Finbar's holocube. He trained by night the methods of the Dark Side of the Force. Honing both types of lightsaber techniques with the holocube showing his movements and mistakes.. In the day he would continue his combat training , sharpened by his Dark Side awareness. His academics were pushed to higher levels because of his depth into the Holocubes resources for insight to Imperial Tests and knowledge.

Renroc Saberhilt was not only gaining the combat needed to survive but also the wisdom to channel its use for himself and the the ambition of his team.. Soon people began to suspect Renroc for his quick apptitude for his academics and his resiliency of his combat training. Zedric often lost time and time again and even Savige began to loose confidence in himself. Renroc did not let up.. He passionately filled himself with the thoughts of others jealously and weakness into a channeled selfishness to reap the knowledge of the cube's information and guidance.

Finbar, from corsucant knew of the progress of this future Elite Crimson Imperial Guardian, the question is how. For it was time for the ancient one to go back to the Yithicorr Imperial Training Center to continue this young Saberhilt make the full transition to the dark side of the force and then .. just maybe begin his Dark Jedi Knight Training.

The Old man went back to his chamber on the shuttle. And took to attention an incoming transmission. He dimmed the lights and knelt at the incoming holotransmission.. "My lord, your servant awaits your calling" - the ancient one greeted the image. With the image of the bluish black light and the crackle of the image.. "I see you have met one of my trainees of my Guard, my time is short listen.. He has the force, he has the drive, he will succumb to the Dark Side of the Force, you Finbar will see to that.. If he does not, you - will have no longer use for me." The Emperor solemnly said in a crackling tone. "He has the holocube edited by me from our Imperial and ancient texts, he also has acquired back the two Jedi weapons" - said the ancient Finbar knowing that everything he said was in the trust of the empire using Renroc as a tool for its own end.. "Very well Finbar, I do not take this much attention to a mere student" more than a mere student of the Crimson Guard, a Dark Force Jedi Crimson Imperial Guard.." This student has a future with the empire, but one that is in the Dark Side, but so dark that it is too cloudy to see its final outcome. "I am willing to take that risk, Vader was the same way.. I foresee not powerful in the way of Vader, but different -- in my own sense of service. " Finbar bowed, and knelt to the Emperor.. And abruptly the Imperial Emperor ended transmission...

(part 2 of 5 next week)