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Renroc Saberhilt

Survival of Hoth
Castaway to the Empire
Meeting the Dark Lord of the Sith
Trip to Yinchorr
Ending of an Empire
Exploring the ways of the Jedi
Seeking of the Traitors
Choosing the Sides of the Force

Renroc Saberhilt's history begining start from his long line of ancestors who have grown up on Hoth. And only the ways of the Force kept them alive during the wretched ice shard storms of the Summer Seasons. Where the tempetures are cold and the solitude of life mirrors thier chilling personalities.

The only the kin of Saberhilt's were the only ones in the villages to delve into the arcane and mysterious "force". By building lightsabers and mining for the precious jewels was thier kindred trade, as many in the Saberhilt family was versed in the ways of the force. Young Renroc Saberhilt knew of building lightsabers at a very young age, and had helped gather many of the parts for his dear grandfather.

As a line of people on Hoth, they were never very accustomed to off worlders until a number of kin of Saberhilt's family briefly befriended imperial scouts, who were sent to scout the region after a number of imperial drones hit thier snowy lands. Soon after the imperial drones came, the Rebel Alliance unknowingly destoyed the entire village of Saberhilt's family, (thinking it was part an Imperial Garrison). Which in fact was only a place of rest and meal for any who requested help from thier tundra, now a charred snowless ruin, with pocketed remains from Rebel Ion Cannon blasts.

Renroc sought revenge, adventure, and survival.. armed with his grandfather's duel sided lightsaber and his own crafted lightsaber, he followed a number of imperial troops as they left the frozen tundra planet of Hoth.

Much of the journey was spent following the tracks of an AT-ST's prints in the snow. Renroc's heart was filled with the heat of revenge, and to best serve that was the stride tward his end means. This was to join the empire, using it as a tool for his own revenge against this unknown rebel alliance who destroyed his family and home. His movements were of his tundra people.. following the snow drifts, keeping aware of the prints in the ground. Gaining distance on the imperial transports who would soon leave. He had not only time against his side, but the chilling evening ice-striken weather to tend with.

In time he did catch up with a small garrison of troops left behind from the first wave of the imperial invasion force. They too where struck by the rebel alliance's Ion Cannons. With the strength within himself, Renroc kept on his path twoard this seemingly marrooned garrison. "Halt, stay where you are, identify yourself!" -ordered a near by imperial snowtrooper. Renroc stopped and saw many more snowtroopers head his way. The imperials took the young teenager to a area where the rest of the supplies were kept. Much of it damaged, it seemed that the Ion Cannon hurt the small transport which carried them into the atmosphere of Hoth.. but Hoth is an unforgiving planet.. it destroyed much of the imperial invasion gear and killed off many more of the imperial troops, including officers to lead them to the rest of the invasion force.

Renroc knew his side of the planet, well enough to get this imperial force to the rendevous point of departure. But it was getting dark and colder. "What is your name boy" -asked a brawney looking imperial officer. He was a tall man, not unlike his own older brother Jared. A man of time worn features, but younger in age than his authority commanded. His troops seemed to respect him in light of his garrison's unfortunate circumstance. Renroc listened to him and said not a word, just kept observing. He was there not out of accident, it was still out of the same path of revenge, the imperials were only a tool for this revenge. Deep within his soul he knew he would have to have to join the imperials, but only as a tool.

"Renroc Saberhilt, who asks?" -said the young teen with a response of strength for such a boy answering to this imperial officer. "Commander Grissim, 3rd fleet, anymuch more information I would give you young lad and I would think 'I myself' were under interigation.." now lets see, you must be a native of this hell winded snowball"- said the tall officer to the smaller fur garmented covered youth. "Now lets have a look see at were you are from", - Grissim took out a map. Renroc glanced at the map, and didnt need to see it any longer.. he knew where he was.. and the different points of the map's markings. "You need to get to your departure.. you can't stay here forever.. not even for the evening with your type of gear"- responded Renroc with a straight icy stone stare. "You need to get with the imperial snowtroopers with your attentiveness" responded Grissim. In a cold and curt voice Renroc looked in to Grissim's eyes and pointed the the map, "I'll get to you to your departure point, you take me with you.. to fight against this Rebel Alliance and thier Ion Cannons". "Well Said, you will take us to our departure point, and I will get you to the Imperial Academy of Carida, to begin your training for the Snowtroopers, after that revenge will be up to you against the rebel alliance." -smirked Grissm and called for his sub-commanders to gear up for the invasion departure point.

By the time Renroc (with the teachings of the feelings of the Force) lead the broken garrison troop to the rendevous point, the battle had ended and the evacuation of the Rebel Alliance had fled there Ice Base Hoth Station. AT-ATs were strewn about hulking over the large base and generator stations.Ion Cannons destroyed and many more killed off, more rebels than snow troopers. In the distance of course were the destruction trails of the invasion force full of the behemouth shaken and crashed AT-ATs, the quick and smaller AT-STs, and many more Snowspeeders and other abandoned rebel alliance ships. The remains of battle had no more revenge nor glory the young boy of Hoth demanded. His next step he knew was to board a starship, and perhaps a Star Destroyer so it would follow this "so called Rebel Scum" and witness the destruction of thier fleet. Deep down inside he knew his path.. it was with the Imperial Forces to track his revenge, sooth his hate, and calm his own sense of resolve to channel his anger. -Anger and Hate which can only be replaced with revenge.. and the cluching embrace of killing those who detroyed his life.

Seeing the transports and leaving Hoth were a blessing to the snowtroopers. Renroc got to know a number of them, for not only he had led them to saftey but his family and village assisted Grissims entire unit after thier emergency landing on Hoth. With this accommodation, Renroc was allowed passage and accredidation to get to Academy of Carida. "That was quite a snowball" Grissim remided young Saberhilt. "Quite unlike my own planet, a place where I hope you may never visit.. no snow, not much cold, no ice to freeze your eyes shut.. just sand and heat. . just Tantoine..". With that, Grissim filled out a number of reports and Renroc just sat near his officer's bunk observing the paperwork, seeing the galactic navigation maps, and listening to the common imperial protocol demeanor everyone shown in attention to Grissim. Part of Renroc's Force training was to listen carefully, to hold attention to patience, read officer's lips and gestures, and to do contain all of it in his own type of holographic memory.

While on on of the Star Destroyer Carriers, he happened to be on the Carrier of the Dark Lord of the Sith's Destroyer - Darth Vader. Renroc could not properly control the ways of the force, nor have enough control to hide his ways in the force. His comradr'e with his fellow crewmates was hard in the begining. Grissim kept him aware of imperial protocol, and related handbooks, all quickly aborbed by the eager Saberhilt. With abit of solitude to read and observe was disrupted by other teens of the ship destined for Academy of Carida as well. Gaunty distruptive teens eager to look from trouble on this daunting imperial Star Class Destroyer in space. But he was from the cruel world of Hoth, and he and his lightsaber have been through worse dealings than these mannerless men in the mess hall, and for that matter taken on more than his fair share of ice monsters in his day.

He had not had the time to get over the loss of his family and village nor the had not the patience to deal with these misgiving men who taunted him. 5 larger teenagers his age (slightly older) ganged up on him for his food, not to mention icy demeaner. Quickly Renroc pulled out his lightsaber in defense, not igniting it to cast out its long orange blade, but he used it as a batton to incapacitate the first advancing youth.. the next two were coming at once and Renroc, used the force, reached out his hand and with all his might and had two chairs trip the advancing duo. The other two even larger boys took a hand full of kitchen knives and started swiftly throwing them at the younger boy from Hoth. Renrock ducked and dove, then he stood his ground. Rage had encompassed the boy, Anger had taken him over, and a time for action was at hand.. a time for not only defense for his own life, but out of seemingly instict he slowly ignited his orange blade, sheathing out of the hilt of his handmade weapon. Everyone stopped and noticed the youth using not only the force, but also saw what seemed to be a Jedi Light Saber! Soon five others were awestruck. They have never seen a lightsaber. Let alone what they thought to be the end of thier lives.

Quickly guns were drawn through out the room. Men were called from central security as an alert "Jedi in Darth Vaders Star Destroyer".. the five teenagers quickly fled the mess hall. A number of people were alerted, startled and a number of the older crew scared, for they knew the sign of what a light saber meant. A number of beings of the Ship knew there could be trouble. But one.. Vader knew.

The Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader advanced to the section and grid of the the mess hall. The long forboding strides of this Sith Lord is known all to well. Striding to a destination knowing it was the sense of a trail. A sense of the Force. Before any heavy stormtroopers arrived or before the quadrant was alerted to be sealed off, Vader arrived on the scene of what was once a triffle skirmish , was now a ship-wide alert.

Renroc stood his ground. He had only heard of the tales of a Dark Force User in the Imperial Guard. The stance of the young Hoth force user stood his ground. His orange lightsaber glistened in a light hum of the silent room where a dozen guards and crew had thier blasters pointed at him, and three dozen more stormtroopers where behind the sealed bulk head doors of the mess hall. In the mess hall were Renroc, the crew, and Vader.

Vader looked, stared at the small figure, the Jedi weapon, and around the room. He glanced again at the boy, drew out his weapon, opened his arm, and blasted twelve shots in different parts of the room, killing all crew members. "Witnesses", Vader said as he slowly strode to the boy from across the room.

"I had sensed something in the Force but could not pinpoint it" said Vader in his cha