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Reno Tahoe Tech Center

Engineered Environments

Rental Equipment

SNS can provide Network equipment on a daily rental basis for those short term needs when extra network gear would simplify things. Examples of these situations are:

  • Relocation from one office site to another, where the move would take more than a day, requiring both sites to be operational.
  • Hardware Failure, without a rapid response contract to replace the failed unit.
  • Testing of new WAN circuits, prior to arrival of purchased hardware.
  • Lab Mockup of proposed network prior to implementation.

SNS currently can provide rental of equipment in the following categories:

  • Multiport Hubs
  • Multiport Switches (10/100Mb)
  • CSU/DSU for FT1/T1
  • CSU/DSU for PRI T1
  • Multi-Port Router for Ethernet to Serial
  • ISDN to Ethernet Router
  • Serial to Token Ring Router

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